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Fast Track Your Success

Success is really important to Sarah. She wants a great job in a fantastic company. She wants to climb the career ladder and be as effective as possible within her organization, well respected and influential. She wants to perform at her best, and she wants to help others do the same.

Sarah knows that she is capable of learning everything she needs to know in order to reach her aspirations. She also knows that having a great coach will accelerate and short cut her learnings, helping develop her weaknesses and enhance her strengths. She knows that a great coach will push her to learn things she never even knew were possible, but once she knew them, wouldn’t know how she ever did without.


Who is ‘Fast Track’ Coaching for?

‘Fast Track’ Coaching is specifically designed for people who:

  • Are motivated.
  • Love learning new ideas.
  • Love learning new skills and techniques.
  • Love going out and applying those ideas, skills and techniques as soon as they can.
  • Want to be the best they can be, both in and outside of work.
  • Want to help others be the best they can as well.
  • Want to be happy and successful – at work, at home, in their relationships, with their families and friends, everywhere they can be.   


My promise to you

I will give you the edge. I will teach you what I know about how to be your best you, and how to get the best from others. I will give you concrete and practical tips, techniques and strategies which you’ll be able to take away and apply immediately. I will help you identify and get past any weaknesses, and I will help you develop your strengths so you can really shine.

What does ‘Fast Track’ Coaching involve?

‘Fast Track’ Coaching is a 10 week training programme consisting of the following:

  • Weekly one hour one-on-one training sessions with Robyn which can be conducted face to tace, by phone or via skype.
  • Worksheets so you can build a reference library and put your new knowledge into action.
  • Access to Robyn by email or phone for questions and concerns.

What does ‘Fast Track’ Coaching cover?

We’ll build your ‘Fast Track’ Coaching Programme based on your goals and what you’d like to achieve. Dependent on your needs, you personalized coaching programme could include:

  • Identifying and transforming anything that’s holding you back from achieving your goals.
  • Confidence in public speaking.
  • Confidence in presenting your ideas to others.
  • How to get motivated and stay that way.
  • How to motivate others.
  • A seven step process for setting goals in the way they are most likely to be achieved.
  • How to manage overwhelm and anxiety.
  • How to calm yourself down as quickly as possible when you are stressed or anxious.
  • How to tap into what your mind is doing in situations where you are not performing well and how to change it.
  • Getting clear on your values and learning to find out the values of others.
  • How to build rapport quickly and easily.
  • How to help and empower others when they have a problem.
  • How to express yourself in a way that is likely to solve the problem when you’re unhappy.
  • How to handle different kinds of conflict.
  • How to use win-win conflict resolution.
  • How to influence others positively.
  • Understanding different personality types and how to adjust your communication accordingly.
  • Giving great feedback to others.
  • Delivering bad news in the best possible way.

3 Reasons You're Going to Love This Coaching

1.  Significant Changes

The aim of ‘Fast Track’ Coaching is to make real changes and do so as quickly as possible. I want to work with you to clear any obstacles to success as well as give you a comprehensive set of tools so you can create success in your career and in your life in general.

2.  Practical Know How

‘Fast Track’ Coaching focuses on the practical application of ideas, so you will be able to make changes immediately and in multiple areas. In addition, this coaching doesn’t just give ideas and solutions, it teaches you how they work. That means that the skills you learn can be applied again and again in any areas you choose.    

3.  Success All Round

Because the skills learned in this coaching can be applied to both your work life and your personal life, you’ll be able to make changes in multiple areas. This is essential as in order to be great in your career, you have to be great outside of it too.

What will you come away with?

Dependent on the exact content of your personalized ‘Fast Track’ Coaching Programme, below are examples of what you can expect to come away from this training programme with:

  • Confidence in yourself and your ability to go out and make yourself the successful person you want to be.
  • A toolkit of practical strategies you can use to adjust your thinking, feelings and behaviours in a variety of contexts.
  • A toolkit of practical strategies you can use in your communication with others, whether for building rapport, helping with problems, dealing with conflict situations, or positively influencing others.
  • A deep understanding of how the tools in your kit work, and how you can adjust them to work for different people and different situations.
  • A clear understanding of yourself including your strengths, your personality and what motivates you.
  • An understanding of what makes others tick, and how you can adjust your communication styles to suit.


'Fast Track' Coaching Programme Details

Coaching Length: Weekly one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions for 10 weeks.  (Can also be done as fortnightly sessions by arrangement). 

Coaching Investment:  3 monthly payments of $420, or $1200 if paid in full prior to first coaching session.

Free Consultation:  If you’d like to apply for a position on the Fast Track Coaching Programme, please fill out an application form for a free 30 minute consultation.


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