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- V.B. was terrified of getting injections:   “Hi Robyn. I just wanted to send you a quick thank you email :) I had my injection today and I was a lot more relaxed than I’ve ever been before around needles. No crying, hesitation or hyperventilating. I was so surprised at how well l did today! Thanks so much!”

- K.M. had an eating disorder, low self esteem, and had been battling illnesses for a year:   “Thanks Robyn.  I really mean it, your help has been priceless.  You’re very good at what you do.  Trust me, I’ve been to a few people for help and you’re the best yet.”

- S.P. was unhappy with life and had been trying to make changes but with mixed results:    "The lasting results I’ve had from our sessions has been truly amazing, no effort or negativity resulted from the fairly far-reaching changes that have gone on internally.  Following are the changes I have noticed:  I no longer experience intense stress I'm predominantly stress free.  I have much more confidence than I did before, like a kind of inner strength that makes me feel powerful and comfortable in my own skin.  I definitely value myself a whole lot more!  I find that I am able to calmly respond to unreasonable or undoable requests where-as previously, I’d just ‘do’ at my own expense."

- R.S. was feeling overwhelmed with everything going on in her life, and having trouble making decisions about what she wanted to do:   "I thank you so very, very much for giving me the clarity to make choices from the right place."

- Sarah C. was struggling with anxiety:    "Robyn has been pivotal in helping me to reclaim my confidence and zest for life as well as helping me to alleviate long held anxieties and concerns that were damaging my outlook on life, the past and the future and my close relationships. Things have improved immensely and life is good! Many thanks to Robyn for her thoughtful, caring and extremely helpful approach."

- Susan C was lacking confidence in herself:    "I loved the fact that the sessions were nice and friendly and I was made to feel comfortable.  The sessions were totally worthwhile doing.  I would recommend this to anyone who feels like their life needs some 'oomph'."

- Helen M. wanted to lose weight. She was overeating as a result of stress and didn't feel she deserved to be thin:    "Robyn listened to what I said and worked at the right pace for me. The sessions helped me to tackle issues that I had tried to deal with unsuccessfully on my own for years. Robyn used her NLP skills to help me deal with deep-seated issues related to my relationship with my mother, over-eating and self image. The impact of this over two short sessions was life changing. I wish I had done this earlier."

- M.H. was suffering from depression and lacking confidence in his abilities:    "Robyn's friendly, gentle rapport made it easy to be open about my feelings. She listened without judgement and helped me to understand my feelings better. I feel that I'm much more in control of myself now and my self-confidence has returned."

- R.C. was starting up her own business, but felt very uncomfortable with the idea of selling, and if people gave negative feedback, she would quickly lose confidence and be filled with self-doubt:    "Robyn really helped me to get past beliefs about myself that were limiting both my confidence and ability to achieve. Now I feel unhindered and have the confidence to actively pursue my goals."

- T.N. was having nightmares after the February 22nd earthquake:    "The exercises have worked for me, I am no longer having strange dreams. Would recommend friends who are open to trying new ways of managing stress."

- D.A. was keen to quit smoking:    "All good news, tobacco free and no urge, not even the slightest quiver of longing or feeling deprived.  Not smelling of cigarettes/tobacco, not coughing, not having a sore heart/chest, close and wider whanau are very proud, but, role modelling for my children is what I am most proud of as my children no longer witness it, this simply and directly shows them one's best behaviour when they grow to adulthood."

- X wanted to lose weight and was keen to enter a new relationship:    "Simple techniques were used once the issue was identified. The sessions were intriguing! "

- C.D. was extremely ill a few years ago. At the time she was on large doses of morphine, and suffered strange and sometimes frightening hallucinations and nightmares. Years on, seeing things from those nightmares would take her right back to that time:    "Robyn was a wonderful listener and made you feel that your problem and its solution was important to her. The session was calm and friendly. Robyn was very patient and understanding and I felt less anxious by the end of our time. I would not hesitate to call on her services again."

- P.W. had had problems sleeping for years, and would wake up feeling tired and gritty-eyed:    "I had only one session with Robyn and I have had great results. I am sleeping well and my eyes no longer feel gritty all the time."

- A.W. wanted to sell her product by running parties in peoples houses. However, she felt extremely uncomfortable in front of groups of people:    "It was a really fun session! I learned heaps about myself and my family and I can not wait to put the techniques into practice. I really valued learning how NLP works and realising that it’s possible to change the things I do that make my life more difficult than it needs to be."

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