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10 Jun 2015


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Love it or hate it? 

Winter is now officially here.  I fought it at first.  Wearing clothes that I loved during the summer far longer than I should have.  Frowning at the ever increasing dark in the morning and evening.  Exclaiming at the temperatures on the weather report getting lower and lower.  Then, at a certain point, I realised winter was coming whether I liked it or not.  My fighting it could not change the course of nature.  That gave me a choice.  Fight it, be miserable, and shiver until the sun breaks through once more, or embrace it, relish it, and enjoy what winter has to offer.  And so I changed my focus.

Now, coming over the hill after a day in town I relish the sight of the lights shining out in the dark from Diamond Harbour, beckoning me home.  I’ve pulled out my most snuggly, most luxurious jersey and I’m loving the scarves I can use to add colour and depth to my outfits, as well as keeping me warm.  I’m enjoying the flowers blooming in the garden so much more due to the scarcity of those blooms right now, and this morning I photographed the rain falling on the window and wondered why I’d never done it before.

There are so many ways in which we can focus on the world.  How we do so is our choice.  There are infinite possibilities that our environments offer us, and from there our values, our beliefs and our attitudes determine what we actually see.  Our conscious minds have only a small capacity when it comes to focusing on the information around us, so it’s up to us to choose if we see ice as harsh and unforgiving or a thing of real beauty.  It’s up to us whether we curse the rain or enjoy the sound of it hitting the roof.  And it’s up to us whether we hide away from the cold or enjoy the freshness it brings.

We have limited mental real estate.  How do you want to fill yours?

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