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What might happen if you acted as if you could?

Within each of us is amazing potential, but so often in the world we stop ourselves performing as well as we could, whether at work, in our relationships, or in other areas of our lives.  It is often the case that we are our own biggest enemy, that it is not lack of ability that holds us back, but the way we focus on our limitations, inadvertently creating and reinforcing them for ourselves in the process.

What if we did something different?  What if we acted as if?  What if we acted as if we were like the person we wanted to be like?  What if we pretended we had all the resources we needed to perform brilliantly?  What amazing things might happen then?

I remember reading about a reporter who was great at what she did.  She was behind the scenes of all sorts of news stories, encouraging people to speak well about what they knew, directing the cameraman and getting the shots she wanted with the people she wanted.  There was just one problem.  Whenever she was asked to be in front of the camera instead of behind it, she would become horribly awkward, stammering her way through and getting worse and worse each time.  One day, after two such takes with the cameraman trying to be encouraging but trying hard not to roll his eyes, the reporter came up with a fantastic idea.  In the next take, she decided to act as if she was a great reporter, one who just loved being in front of the camera and did it with ease.  Doing this completely transformed her.  She pulled it off brilliantly, stunning the cameraman with how professional and at ease she looked after years of awkwardness.  It was amazing what happened as soon as she let go of the inhibitions which had held her back and acted as if she was someone who was capable and enjoyed presenting instead.

Imagine applying this principle at work, acting as if you were very capable, deserving and had all the resources you need to do your job well.  What opportunities might that open up for you?  How about in your health, acting as if your body was great at healing itself and had a perfect recipe for good health?  How might your body respond to that?  What if you applied this principle to something you find quite challenging, acting as if you were somebody who was really resourceful and great at pulling off challenges like that?  What kind of changes would that create in your stance, your breathing, your thought patterns and your behaviours?

Acting as if is an incredibly powerful thing to do and can open up all sorts of possibilities for you.  In which area of life would it be valuable for you to act as if?

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