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03 Apr 2014

The Law of Attraction

Written by RobynWoodham Category:

Attracting what you want in life

This month I’d like to share with you my ideas on The Law of Attraction.  Anyone who has seen or read ‘The Secret’ will know about The Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is based around the idea that everything in the universe is made of energy including us, our thoughts and our ideas. 

According to the theory, our thoughts go out into the universe as energy and the universe responds to that energy in kind, meaning that if we think positive thoughts, we attract positive things into our life, and if we think negative thoughts, we attract negative things into our lives.  Therefore if we want good things in our lives, all we need to do is think about those things a lot and the universe will provide.

If the Law of Attraction is correct, that means that everything that’s happened to you recently is something you have attracted into your life.  That includes the nice things like the beautiful compliment someone paid you, and the lovely meal your friend made you, but also the not so nice things like the grumpy person at the supermarket and the red light on the way to an appointment.

I believe the Law of Attraction is about the energy we put out into the world, but that it is not necessarily the universe that provides, but other people.  We are constantly putting things out into the world which are detected by others in the form of words, gestures, facial expressions and actions.  People respond to those, often at an unconscious level, and usually in a way that reflects back what they are receiving.  Thus positivity is met with positivity, negativity is met with negativity, and we attract what we put out into the world.

I also think the Law of Attraction has limitations.  Thoughts alone are not enough to manifest something unless they are paired with action. Sitting back and imagining your dream house is very pleasant, but without earning money to pay for it and actively hunting for your dream house, it will not become a reality.  It is therefore important that as well as putting that thought out into the world you take the action necessary to support it.

It is also important to consider how you are phrasing what you want.  We attract what we focus on in the world.  For example, if one person’s focus is on financial freedom while another’s is on not being broke all the time, the focus for each of these people is on the complete opposite ends of the spectrum, and the end of the spectrum they are focusing on is what they will tend to attract.

The Law of Attraction is an interesting concept, and one that has a lot of validity to it.  What’s important for us to know is how we can adjust our thinking and actions in order to really make the Law of Attraction work well for us.  So think about what you want, take the actions necessary to support it, and live in a way that is congruent with those goals.  That way, you maximise your chances of attracting what it is you want in your life.

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