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NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro is about the mind and brain, Linguistic is about language and thinking and Programming is all about systems and habits.  Putting this together, NLP is all about the language of the mind, and our habits of thinking.  Or, put another way, NLP is all about how our minds work, as when we understand that, we can use that knowledge to help make changes in our lives.  NLP is solutions focussed and has a variety of processes designed to help you make changes and get the results you want.
Robyn can help you with a variety of problems. Examples include: weight loss, motivation, self esteem, confidence, stress, depression, anxiety, phobias, grief, trauma, career, health, earthquake issues, relationships, communication, conflict, public speaking, sleeping and smoking.
Everyone is different, and so is the structure of their problems. That's why when you come in, the first thing you’ll do with Robyn is talk about what’s happening now, where you want to go, what you think is holding you back and what needs to happen to make the changes you want. Throughout this discussion, Robyn will also be listening for any underlying issues or patterns that may be holding you back and thinking about what needs to happen to help you make the changes you want. Robyn will then discuss possible solutions and processes with you, with the aim being to start making changes as soon as possible.
Sessions are generally one hour long. Two hour sessions are also available for people coming from out of town, or those who are keen to make changes as soon as possible.
Everyone is different, so it is not possible to predict how many sessions a person will need to get the results they want before seeing them. It is possible for people to get the changes they want in just one or two sessions, however most people have between 3 and 5 sessions. By the end of the first session, Robyn will be able to give you a better idea of approximately how many sessions will be needed to gain the changes you want.
Sessions are NZ$140 each, with each session being one hour long. Fees are paid by internet banking and paid in to a New Zealand account.
Robyn uses an online booking system so you have the freedom of booking a time that will suit you anytime you wish. As part of that system, an email will be sent after the session is booked, and again the day before a session. Both of these emails contain links which allow you to change or cancel your session up to 12 hours before a session if you realise you have double booked. When a client arranges a session, I put aside that time for them, and so for sessions which are cancelled or changed with less than 12 hours notice, half my normal fee will be charged.
Sessions are held online via Skype, Zoom or Messenger.  Many people are initially concerned that doing sessions online will not be as effective as working in person.  However, by the end of their first session online, they realise that the session has been just as successful as sessions held in person.  Online sessions also have the bonus of not battling with traffic or parking, and being able to relax in a space that's private, comfortable and familiar.  Robyn's Skype name is WealthofMind.
Sessions are with Robyn Woodham. Robyn has a BA(Hons) in Psychology and is an NLP Master Practitioner. Robyn is a skilled practitioner and is passionate about helping people make the changes they want in life.
Yes, sessions will be kept confidential, except in cases where Robyn feels clients are likely to harm themselves or others.
No special preparations need to be made before coming to your first NLP Session. However, it is useful to think about what you want to get out of the sessions in positive and specific terms. For example, instead of saying "I don't want to be anxious", saying "I want to be relaxed when I do presentations at work." During the sessions, Robyn will help you develop this further, plus identify anything that is holding you back or that needs to happen to help you get where you want to go, with the aim of sessions to achieve what you want, using the processes she is trained in.
You can expect your time with Robyn to be enjoyable and affirming. You may be pleasantly surprised with the ease with which you can change even long term patterns of behaving, feeling and thinking. As the client, you will be in charge of the outcomes you work towards and, as a consultant, Robyn will guide you through tested processes to reach those outcomes.

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Wealth of Mind is here to offer you solutions. Whether you’re wanting one-on-one sessions to help you overcome problems or a way to increase your success, happiness or achievement in your personal life or career, Wealth of Mind is here to help. Wealth of Mind also offers workshops, courses and online training courses to give you multiple ways you can improve your life.


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  •  Sessions are held online, so you can relax in a private and comfortable space for your session.  As Robyn is now in the UK, sessions are at times that are perfect for early birds, night owls and shift workers.